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But one thing’s for sure, you are an amazing teacher. Special. You have been blessed with a burden, my daughter. And I envy you that. And I admire you. And how many fathers ever get to say that to their daughters, and really mean it? 

– Steve Gruwell, to his daugter Erin Gruwell, taken from the movie “Freedom Writers”.

I looooove watching “Freedom Writers“. Film keluaran tahun 2007 ini diangkat dari kisah nyata seorang guru bernama Erin Gruwell. Meskipun udah ditonton berkali-kali, film ini tetep sukses membuat aku nangis. Termasuk barusan ini, saat ditayangkan lagi di FOX.
Yang paling buat sesenggrukan adalah scene pada saat anak-anak di kelasnya baru masuk lagi setelah libur summer. Ibu guru Erin menyambut anak-anak dengan buku-buku baru dan bergelas-gelas jus apel. Ia menyuruh setiap orang to raise their glasses and give a ‘toast for change’. Salah seorang murid maju, membacakan isi dari diary-nya.

“It all started with a phone call. My mother was crying and begging, asking for more time as if she were gasping for her last breath of air. She held me as tight as she could and cried.
Her tears hit my shirt like bullets and told me we were being evicted. She kept apologizing to me. I thought, ‘I have no home. I should have asked for something less expensive at Christmas’. 

On the morning of the eviction, a hard knock on the door woke me up. The sheriff was there to do his job. I looked up at the sky, waiting for something to happen. My mother has no family to lean on, no money coming in. Why bother coming to school or getting good grades if I’m homeless? 

The bus stops in front of the school. I feel like throwing up. I’m wearing clothes from last year, some old shoes and no new haircut. I kept thinking I’d get laughed at. Instead, I’m greeted by a couple of friends who were in my English class last year. 

And it hits me. Mrs. Gruwell, my crazy English teacher from last year, is the only person that made me think of hope. Talking with friends about last year’s English and our trips, I began to feel better. 

I receive my schedule and the first teacher is Mrs. Gruwell in Room 203. I walk into the room and feel as though all the problems in life are not so important anymore.

I am home.

Aiiihhhh…. *lap lap air mata* Yang belum pernah nonton, silahkan nonton deh. Biar kita bisa nangis bareng-bareng (apa siih!)
– quotes diambil dari sini
– gambar diambil dari sini

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